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This in-depth course will help you:

  • Learn the fundamentals of AP style, including use of commas, hyphens, capitalization, possessives and more.
  • Understand the how and the why of AP style.
  • Think through questions where existing style rules might not offer a clear answer or the guidance requires judgment to apply to your needs.
  • Bring consistency to your writing and editing, using AP style guidance and your house style.
  • Navigate the Stylebook to find guidance quickly – memorization is not necessary or recommended.

Each course registration includes access to AP Stylebook Online, the searchable and customizable AP style resource, as well as AP Stylebook Study Guides, a series of self-scoring quizzes that reinforce the workshop's lessons.

You'll keep AP Stylebook Workshop content through Dec. 31, 2024.

This on-demand version of our popular new AP Stylebook Workshop is a more affordable way to deepen your understanding of AP style, plus we offer numerous discounts including group rates and special pricing for members of several professional organizations.
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AP Stylebook Workshop On Demand

  • Watch a mix of short instructional videos and recordings of hourlong webinars.
  • Develop your knowledge using access to AP Stylebook Online and AP Stylebook Study Guides, with access available as soon as you register.
  • Keep access to AP Stylebook Workshop content through Dec. 31, 2024.

  • The AP Stylebook Workshop is offered in partnership with Edmaker, experts in online learning communities.
  • Edmaker hosts the course on its web-based platform. There's nothing to download or install, but you will need a current browser and reliable internet connectivity.
  • After you register for the AP Stylebook Workshop on the Stylebook website, you will receive a claim code via email. When you redeem that code via the link included in the email, you will get an email from Edmaker to access the online workshop and a separate email from APStylebook.com with access to Stylebook Online and Stylebook Study Guides.
  • If you sign up on behalf of multiple users, you will get an email with a set of claim codes. Share one code with each user who you would like to participate, along with the activation code link. As your users redeem their claim codes, they will get their activation emails from Edmaker and APStylebook.com.
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Your primary instructor is Paula Froke, editor of the Associated Press Stylebook and a manager on the AP's standards team. Paula started her 35-plus years with the AP as a Dow Jones News Fund intern on the AP's main editing desk in New York. Her AP career has included jobs as news editor in Minnesota and Michigan; deputy national editor at headquarters; assistant managing editor/nights on the Nerve Center; AP embedded editor at MSN News; and executive director of Associated Press Media Editors.
Paula is joined by the members of the Stylebook editing team: Anna Jo Bratton, Jeff McMillan and Pia Sarkar.

AP Stylebook Online On Demand course outline

At your own pace, learn the foundations of using AP style in:

  • Videos and written lessons on 10 essential AP Stylebook rules about mechanics including commas, hyphens, capitalization and numerals.
  • Interview videos with the Stylebook editors discussing essential concepts including making judgement calls and creating your own house style rules.
  • Self-paced assignments, readings, quizzes and community discussions.

You are free to explore in any order you like, but if you want our guidance to make your way through the rich content, you can follow this track:

Module 1: AP style mechanics

Examining "simple" rules that aren't so simple — using the serial comma (or not), hyphenating compound modifiers (or not), using words for numbers under 10 (or not) …

  • Thinking through how to look something up in the Stylebook
  • Deciding wisely when AP style doesn’t directly answer your question
  • Making consistent choices based on your audience and platforms


  • Paula Froke, AP Stylebook editor, The Associated Press
  • Jeff McMillan, U.S. desk editor, The Associated Press

Module 2: AP style storytelling

There’s more to AP style than commas and hyphens. It’s also about strategically thinking through how to communicate clearly and effectively. This week’s session covers the high-level nuanced decisions writers and editors need to make.

  • Elements of a good story
  • Tips for self-editing
  • Reviewing and editing copy from workshop participants


  • Paula Froke, AP Stylebook editor, The Associated Press
  • Anna Jo Bratton, U.S. enterprise editor, The Associated Press

Module 3: Using your dictionary with your stylebook

The AP Stylebook is preparing to switch to Merriam-Webster as its primary dictionary. Peter Sokolowski, editor at large at Merriam-Webster, will join us this week to give his perspective on:

  • How is a dictionary different from a stylebook?
  • What is the process to add or change a dictionary entry?
  • Why are there different dictionaries and how do they differ?
  • Why does a writer or editor need both a dictionary and a Stylebook?


  • Paula Froke, AP Stylebook editor, The Associated Press
  • Peter Sokolowski, editor at large, Merriam-Webster

Module 4: What’s new in AP style

We published the AP Stylebook, 57th Edition, on May 29 so this is your chance to hear what’s new directly from Stylebook editor Paula Froke. Highlights include:

  • Revised guidance on prefixes and suffixes
  • Revised guidance on bulleted lists
  • Expanded guidance on climate change and the climate crisis
  • A new chapter on artificial intelligence


  • Paula Froke, AP Stylebook editor, The Associated Press

Module 5: Inclusive storytelling and language

  • Principles of some of the major inclusion chapters and entries, including race, gender, immigration, disabilities
  • Key language points on major topics including immigration, older adults, race-related coverage, gender, sex and sexual orientation, disabilities, survivors/victims
  • Pushing back on lazy language of your sources: racially tinged vs. racist, elderly vs. older adults, etc.
  • Other race/gender/inclusive/sensitivity writing details in practice


  • Paula Froke, AP Stylebook editor, The Associated Press
  • Pia Sarkar, deputy business editor, The Associated Press

Course completion

  • LinkedIn certificate, course certificate and social media badge.


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